Yoo.TV is more than just a website. Yoo.TV is your advertising space, your platform, your story and the story of Tuvalu, the nation we owe the .TV domain to. Around 25% of the total revenue of the small island nation in the Pacific is produced by the sale of .TV domains and yet there is not enough money left to protect the inhabitants of this cultural nation from rising sea levels.

If you’ve never heard of Tuvalu, don’t be surprised: This inconspicuous country is probably the least-visited country in the world, with about 1,000 tourists annually. Nevertheless, we have this small island state with about 11,000 inhabitants to thank for the domain .tv.

Because there are only a few natural resources, besides fishing, from which Tuvalu can draw, there is a lot of poverty among the population. But in the meantime everybody who wants to develop his own website can make a difference. With a .tv domain we actively support Tuvalu and its citizens in making their lives better and the internet a better place.

With the help of your Yoo.TV domain we support Tuvalu, resettle the population, construct a floating city and build houses on higher levels so that Tuvalu can live on – with your support and Yoo.TV.